Open 15 - 29 May 2009,
Opening Hours Tues-Fri 12 am - 8 pm, Sat 12 am - 6 pm
Opening 14 MAY 2009, 7 pm - 10 pm
Live-music 15 May 2009;

SW1 Gallery London, 12 Cardinal Walk,
Off Victoria Street, London SW1 E 5JE



Anthony Frost (Cornwall) who did (amongst others) the „Extricate“ cover and the cover of the last record „Imperial Wax Solvent“

Pascal le Gras (Paris) who did more than 30 covers for The Fall and is probably Mark E. Smith´s most employed artist

Claus Castenskiold (Los Angeles), well known in the Fall-World for famous 80`s covers like "Perverted by Language"

Suzanne Smith, Mark´s sister and cover artist („Grotesque“)

John Godbert, illustrator, musician, archaeologist, did the first LP-cover “Live at the Witch Trials”

George Shaw, Painter, who contributed to the cover of „Reformation“

Mark Kennedy (Manchester) mosaic-artist who contributed to the cover of „Reformation“

Knud Odde (Kopenhagen), Danish rock-legend turned painter who did a couple of MES-portraits

Rik van Iersel (Eindhoven), painter, musician who did (amongst others) an exhibition called „The 27 Points“ directly referred to The Fall

Paul Housley, (London), painted and exhibited MES-portraits (I Mancunian)

Paul Wilson (Leeds) developed the Mark E.Smith typewriting font, (download on The Fall-website)

Jeffrey Lewis (New York), anti-folk star who did "The Story of The Fall"

Jowe Head (London), rock-veteran of the Swell Maps who still does Fall-covers on stage and did the cover of the tribute sampler: "Perverted by Mark E."

Edwin Pouncey (aka Savage Pencil) (London) did the cover of „Lie Dream of a Casino Soul“

Michael Pollard, (Manchester), photographer and cover-artist

Robert Palumbo (New York), filmmaker and photographer who`s photos of african refugees were used on the cover of the album "The Fall Heads Roll" (American edition)

Tommy Crooks (Dundee) cover-artist and former Fall-guitarist

David Alker/Peter Liddell (Manchester) who did sweet cream crackers with Fall-covers

Safy Sniper (Berlin) video-artist and support-act of The Fall,

Globo (Norwich), a trio which recently covered the record “This Nation´s Saving Grace“

Elaine Will (Canada) Cartoonist

Harley Richardson, (London) Cartoonist

Dave Muller, (Los Angeles) as a part of a bigger installation he painted the rigde of the record „Perverted by Language"