Charge - Pascal Le Gras

Ausstellung / Exhibition / Exposition

Qui est Pascal le Gras?

Pascal le Gras, a french artist based in Paris works for 30 years as a painter, designer, videofilmer and musician.

Flashy colours, apparitionally reduced figures, repetitive patterns, simple but still kryptic symbols – a secret language, a cohesive system, strikingly different and easy to recognize: that is the cosmos of Pascal le Gras.

Despite being almost unknown in the artworld his work - reproduced and dimmed down & `tamed´ on (too small) formats - can worldwide be found in tens of thousands of living rooms and record collections. Because he has a very special galerist, catalyzer, motivator and Katerer: Mark E. Smith, singer of the legendary post-punk group The Fall.

In the last 20 years le Gras contributed to more than 30 covers of The Fall. He is the most employed visual artist in the 34year long career of the band. For some fans it is a mysterious riddle why MES gives Pascal this platform over the years. But they seem to share the same spirit - as le Gras believes – and a vision of the corporate identity, the visual matrix of the band.

An atavistic avant-garde with rough-textured structures and naive simplifications, art brut:

Artist´s artist Smith and Le Gras meet at eye level.

Praxis Hagen is proud to show new work of the 48year old painter.

Charge - Pascal Le Gras - New Paintings
Opening, 25. September 2010, 4 - 7 pm , open Sa 4 - 6 pm
or by appointment

Stargader Straße 22, D-17279 Lychen
Tel. 0049/39888/2122 oder 0179 9065232