to the centre of the city
David Alker/Peter Liddell, Dean Hughes, David Mackintosh
Contemporary art from Manchester

10 November – 1 December 2007

Preview 9 November 2007

The core of this exhibition - to the centre of the city – is art as quotation. Art that acts out its own basic premise to transform and re-present what is recognisable and known.

David Alker and Peter Liddell

We re-examine moments in modern culture, selecting and remaking objects for their significance.’

‘ . . . Alker and Liddell are able to reconstruct models and images that critically redefine the past in a gesture that simultaneously helps us better understand the present.’

These present objects that refer to absent places and situations are now themselves elements within new places and situations.’

Dean Hughes

His work is precise, defiantly small-scale and quietly raises the poetic potential of the mundane.’

‘A scattering of twisted staples, A4 sheets with the filing holes punched perfectly in the centre, a photo of a daily refilled puddle, in all Hughes’ work a small alteration is made in the world. But these ostensibly flimsy gestures have a rigour about them, an unsentimental decision that this is the most appropriate treatment for this

material at this moment.’

David Mackintosh

David Mackintosh’s practice centres on a continuing series of drawings in brush and ink on A1 paper. The freshness and immediacy of the technique contrasts with the bleakness and singularity of the worldview expressed.’

"The method that I use results in a large output of quick, cognitive drawings made with black gouache paint on white paper. The drawings are made spontaneously: they depict scenes dredged up randomly from a mental backlog of scenarios I have read, seen or heard about.”