Knud Odde - As Answer Insectswarms

Paintings and Prints

12th of May till 7th of June 2007, Wednesday till Sunday, 2 pm till 6 pm
Opening 11th of May, 8 pm

„Be useless“ demanded the poet Günter Eich (1907-1972) once in his soundpoem „Dreams“.

The danish artist Knud Odde loves the „magic realism“ of the german poet and his mysterious one-liner: „As Answer Insectswarms“ which was meant to be a meditation phrase.
Knud Odde tries out something new again. Works with ink on rice paper which were mounted on cloth in China. On it are quotes by Eich who himself translated chinese poems into german.
In another new series he paints single naked men in barren landscapes and delapidated industry-buildings. Open spaces in which his black lines put a contour to the motives, as if it was a comic strip or highcontrasted singlecover from the sixties.
His new three-singles set will be released at the opening.
Soundclips of the records are on

This exhibition for the first time combines the two talents of Knud Odde. A professional musician and a professional painter and a restless creator of a distinct, bizarr, emotional and captivating art.
He always wants to change, never being reduced to an old role or style but he already is and will be even more an important part of the danish heritage.
He might not even appreciate that - he knows how it´s like being a national legend. „Sods“, „Sort Sol“ from Punk to Grammy. But he doesn´t want to be reduced to it. He´s a painter, musician, he is a collector – the insects - he is moving forward - always different always the same.

Galerie Praxis Hagen, Sonnenburgerstr. 76, 10437 Berlin

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