Open 15 - 29 May 2009,
Opening Hours Tues-Fri 12 am - 8 pm, Sat 12 am - 6 pm
Opening 14 MAY 2009, 7 pm - 10 pm
Live-music 15 May 2009;

SW1 Gallery London, 12 Cardinal Walk,
Off Victoria Street, London SW1 E 5JE

And sometimes they say 'Hey Mark you're spoiling all the paintwork'
And sometimes they say 'Your thumbprints are on the paintwork

"Paintwork#2“ is an international group-exhibition about art and music.

The soundtrack is by The Fall.
The work is by artists who have a connection to the group.
Paintwork#2 is no retrospective. Working artists refer to a working group.
This is work in progress.

These artists
- made artwork for the album covers and live shows
- made explicit reference in their work to The Fall
- were inspired by both The Fall´s music and attitude
- use the band as a code or cultural phenomenon

Some of the artists know each other already: the first show was held in Berlin in 2006.

Other artists are new on board and as well überzeugt of the idea to create an art exhibition around this very special group.

Each of the artists takes a very different position: from abstract painting to still life, comics to cream crackers, photography to multi-media, collage to drawings and graphic design. The one connection is the music.

The music of The Fall.

Paintwork#2 is curated by Praxis Hagen gallery in cooperation with the SW1gallery in London.

The Artists:

Anthony Frost, Suzanne Smith, John Godbert, Claus Castenskiold, Pascal le Gras, George Shaw, Mark Kennedy, Knud Odde, Rik van Iersel, Paul Housley, Paul Wilson, Jeffrey Lewis, Jowe Head, Edwin Pouncey, Michael Pollard, Robert Palumbo, Tommy Crooks, David Alker/Peter Liddell, Safy Sniper, Globo, Elaine Will, Harley Richardson, Dave Muller

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